079LOVE4ALL is a multimedia project I started after I paid £2389 to the Home Office on 07 June 2018. It was birthed from the experiences that others and 1 face in our quest in becoming a permanent resident in the UK.

I’ve been an illegal immigrant.  I’ve struggled with my cultural identity.   I’ve needed safe spaces where I could share my story.

I created what works for me and expressed myself through music and art in this project.  079LOVE4ALL aims to raise awareness, celebrate kindness and build a community. 
- Tracy Sada


I wanna hear your story because your voice matters. Send an email : tsada.mgmt@gmail.com or DM me @079LOVE4ALL



Photo : Adaeze Ihedom

World :Hey Tracy

Me : Hello World..... you good? What’s up?

World : No what’s up with you though?
Been hearing you’ve been having some issues...

Me: Ah man, not gonna lie. Its been super crazy these past fews weeks . Where do i begin? Sure, you got time ?

World: Yh yh,of course ...... Speak your truth, fam.

Me: First things first. I was an undocumented immigrant living in the UK for a large majority of my childhood. It was a bumpy road ! However, once you're on it, the risk of losing your family and friends seems even worse.

World : Argh man.....that’s a madness. Like you’ve spent nearly all your life here. 21 years!

Me: Yessssssss . And although my time as an illegal eagle is in the past , i ‘ve been suffering the consequences. Back in June, i applied to become a permanent resident  through the indefinite leave to remain process, having spent 6 years on a temporary permit.

World: Ok.....

Me: So paid £2389 to the ho me office and it could take 6 months to get. I started this multimedia project to document my journey and raise awareness for those like me who face this journey.